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An integrated production for the realization of different materials and to satisfy various needs. In particular, our processes range from: metal boxes, shelves, frames and structures, gates and railings, load-bearing structures and much more. We are able, in fact, to transform ideas on paper into reality, thanks to our experience and our internal design department. In addition, the numerous workstations ensure rapid times, flexibility and rationalization of costs. A special department is dedicated to assembly and robotic welding with final tests.
The WPS processes are certified, as well as our personnel who act in accordance with UNI EN 287-1: 2007 (Manual welding) and UNI EN 1418: 1999 (Robotic welding) standards.

Our production process has the necessary equipment for the use of:

  • blind rivets
  • threaded inserts
  • self-locking nuts
  • self-fixing pins
  • pins to be welded

We operate manual welding with the procedures:

  • MIG continuous wire
  • MAG coated electrodes
  • TIG

We also have resistance welders for spot and projection welding.

Metallic Carpentry Gallery

Some examples of our productions