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    If you want a quick response regarding your Metal Carpentry order,
    Laser cutting, calendering, press bending, you can write directly in the form on the side. You will receive a response within 24 working hours.

    Canfora is the leader for all metal treatments and has staff, warehouse, space and machinery capable of supporting even the most incessant processing rhythms.

    Our strength, in addition to the points mentioned above, is to have in a single environment all the possible processes to be performed on metal plates and pipes of any shape and size:

    The tube is laser cut, then moves to another sector where perhaps it is joined to a previously folded plate, everything is carried out in the same location and supervised by extremely experienced personnel.

    The machined pieces do not turn from one carpentry to the other adding shipping costs and timing: everything is worked in the same place and the added value is that the processes are carried out thinking about the subsequent processing, so that everything takes place without obstacles, impediments and in the best way.
    This type of process allows to obtain perfect workings, without burrs and in immensely faster times than workings that have to travel from one place to another to be completed.