Ours is a story that spans multiple generations.

We are in 1920 in Puglia. Antonio has a small shop where he builds agricultural equipment and does small farrier jobs. As is natural for those times, Antonio hopes that the son will follow in his father’s footsteps. Michelangelo called him as a good omen and wish for the future. Michelangelo takes over the family business, but the small town is too small for its ambitions. He wants to learn, experiment, meet the world. And so he leaves for Australia. Here he learns new techniques at a large company; he works hard year after year, until he opens his own reality. Then the change. In the economic boom of the 1960s, Michelangelo was called back to his homeland. In Turin his cousins ​​have a mechanical manufacturing company on behalf of Fiat. There is an urgent need for carpentry and a great desire to reunite the family. In 1970 Michelangelo inaugurated F.lli Canfora, together with his two brothers. The company thrives but, as often happens, the brothers’ roads are divided.

The Canfora Carpentry by Michelangelo Canfora remains.

Michelangelo continues alone, or rather not alone, because he cultivates the dream that his sons Antonio – a tribute to the father who was the progenitor of the company – and Matteo soon join him. In the early 90s Antonio first came and then Matteo. In 1995 Carpenteria Canfora moved to Leinì to enlarge the production to 600 m2. After just four years, the square meters become 1300. Antonio and Matteo get on very well and under their leadership the company takes flight quickly.

In 2012 they moved to Lombardone, the current location.
The square meters rise 4000 and in 2015 they become 5000 covered and 6000 uncovered. Today the company is constantly expanding.

Canfora’s secret?

An eye focused on the past, not to forget its history, its roots and experience, and a focus on the future to offer its customers the most innovative technologies.